Ieri, Oggi, Domani..

An interactive video to give birth to a story. Emotions and moments that appertengono to each of us. Watch it yourself and begins to write: ieri-oggi-sempre.com, spot campaign Rai subscriptions, 2012.



Agency: So simple agency Torino
Executive production: Filmika SCRL
Director: Lorenzo De Nicola
DoP: Davide Marcone
Help Operator: Gabo Gallareto
General Organization: Fabiana Antonioli
Director of production: Barbara Andriano
Editing: David Neglia
Visual effetcs: Fabrizio Bonaga

About Us

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FILMIKA is an experienced, full-service video Production Company fiercely independent located in Turin, Italy.
We do it all, from script to screen, from sound design to visual effect, for documentary, short movie, spot, commercial.
We're passionate about our role as a Corporate Video, Film and Broadcast company, which is why we stand for quality, experience, and above all; commitment.

We are able to take on the business of serious film making with the minimum of fuss.
Our expertise means less worry for clients and your project, whether you’re looking to promote your work and idea, raise money, or motivate your staff.
There are so many ways to use our video production services. Tell us what we can do for you today.

Take a peek at our online portfolio, and then contact us. We’ll make your video—and you— look great.

The Team

Davide Marcone

CEO, Director of Photography

Barbara Andriano

Producer, Director


Meet our great patners

Andrea Bertola

Andrea Bertola


video editor, motion grapher and compositor

Maren Ollmann



Luca Caddeu


Social media marketing, PR, management

Loris Fionda


Brand identity, web marketing specialist, seo-marketing

Tiziano Lamberti

CEO offthecorner.tv

GAAR Groove&Art Records


Take a look to our projects

Services we provide

4K Shooting

We can offer a great quality of video shooting taking advantage of the best cameras in the industry.

4K Shooting


Visual effect, post production 3D, motion graphic, compositing VFX, video effect.
We make your idea comes true.


Post Production

Video editing, Color correction, Sound design, we can provide a high quality level for any department of post production.

Post Production


Our 20+ years of experience can support the lighting and filming of your best movies, commercials, series or any other sort of filmed production.



For your productions we can offer the latest generation of video, audio and lighting equipment. We operate in HD and 4K. Contact us for the complete list of available material.



 We provide still life, fashion, portrait and events photography.



Contact Us

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Keep in touch with us

Filmika scrl
Address: via Genè 5
10152 Torino, Italy
P.I. 10536180010
Albo Soc. Coop A213505